Wife complains to police station as husband is not giving physical pleasure

Wife complains to police station

Husband Cant Sex With Wife | A 32-year-old woman filed a complaint at Khadakpada police station because her husband was not giving her physical pleasure.

In this case, Khadakpada police have filed a complaint that the 40-year-old husband is impotent. It is said in the complaint that the husband did not inform the woman despite knowing that he could not provide physical pleasure to the wife and deprived her of physical pleasure by marrying her.

According to police, the 32-year-old complainant lives in a remote village in Shahapur taluka of Thane district. She was married to a 40-year-old man from Shahad in Kalyan West in June 2023.

Before the marriage, when the woman’s relatives asked why did you wait even after 40 years to get married, the husband said that the marriage was delayed because he was trying to get a government job.

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In June 2023, their wedding was held in Igatpuri area near Nashik with pomp. The woman said that she likes her husband because he is educated.

But after the marriage, the woman noticed that her husband was behaving strangely. This woman understood that there was something wrong with her husband. This upset her and left her home.

Wife complains to police station as husband is not giving physical pleasure

At the request of her in-laws, the woman came back to home. This time she clearly saw the faults in her husband. It was also noticed that he was taking some medicine from the doctor. When she asked the doctor about this, the doctor said that there is some emotional defect in the husband.

After this, the woman filed a complaint of betrayal and cheating at the Khadakpada police station after realizing that her husband was impotent and she would never get physical pleasure from him. 


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