Reason for curing disease and physical harassment of a woman by an impostor

Crime News | Nashik: A shocking incident has taken place in Nashik city. The incident took place at Takli Vinchoor in Niphad taluka of Nashik. It has been reported that an impostor has physically tortured a woman at this place. The police have detained the accused in this case.

The victim had been ill for several years

The victim had been ill for several years. Despite many hospital treatments, her disease was not getting better. So she went to Bhondubaba (Crime News) for treatment. Bhondubaba Kishore Sanjay Lokhande promised her to cure the disease by performing witchcraft. He used to go to her house for treatment.

Threatening to kill the husband by witchcraft, he forcibly had physical relations with the woman. After that, according to the information given by the victim, the Lasalgaon police filed a case against the accused (Crime News).

Meanwhile, in progressive Maharashtra, incidents of falling victim to superstition (Crime News) are increasing day by day. Many organizations are working to eradicate superstitions. Still, such incidents are happening in the state. In order to reduce these incidents, the Superstition Eradication Committee is constantly appealing to the citizens to be vigilant.

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