Rape of young woman in Women’s Compartment in current local, Supriya Sule’s angry reaction

Supriya Sule | Mumbai: A shocking incident has taken place in Mumbai local on Wednesday morning. There has been a big incident where a young woman was raped in the women’s compartment in Chalu local. The police have arrested this criminal. In this background, MP Supriya Sule of NCP has criticized the state government.

Supriya Sule has expressed her anger over the case that happened in Mumbai local. Supriya Sule has tweeted that criminals are no longer afraid of the law in Maharashtra, but the inactivity of the home department is the reason for this.

Supriya Sule targets the state government

An incident took place in Chalu local where a person got into the women’s compartment and raped a young woman. This is a very disturbing incident. Due to this, the issue of security of Mumbai locals has come up once again. Criminals have no fear of the law in Maharashtra and this is due to the inaction of the home department. It is necessary for the investigating agencies to take action so that the accused in this heinous incident is punished severely.

Meanwhile, the victim was traveling from Girgaon to Belapur by local train. The age of this young woman is 20 years. The young woman was traveling locally for the exam. Seeing that there was no one in the compartment, the accused entered the compartment and then tortured the girl. In this case, the girl immediately complained to the police. The police took cognizance of this complaint and immediately arrested the accused.

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