Why Pawar-Fadnavis absent when Manoj Jarange hunger strike is resolved?

Maratha Reservation |  Manoj Jarange Patil’s agitation for reservation of Maratha community is over but it raises many questions. The government has not fulfilled the demand of the Maratha community to issue Kunbi certificate.

The role of the government was to give reservation to the Maratha community without disturbing anyone’s reservation. If the government has accepted the demand of Maratha community to give reservation from OBC, then OBCs have been cheated.

The role of the government in the matter of reservation is not clear, the government has only issued a notification and has invited objections. The government has not issued an ordinance or a Government Decision (GR) regarding reservation.

It is not right to deceive the Maratha community by lying and creating confusion, so the government should clarify its position in this matter.

After a discussion between the representatives of the government and Manoj Jarange Patil, the government issued a notification in the night and announcing that all their demands were accepted, Jarange Patil went on a fast in the presence of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

If the government could have issued such a notification earlier, was the government waiting for such a big movement? The Chief Minister says that I have taken a historic decision, but both the Deputy Chief Ministers of the state, Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar, were nowhere to be seen in this whole sequence of events.

Why are Pawar-Fadnavis absent when Manoj Jarange hunger strike is resolved?

Why didn’t the two Deputy Chief Ministers go to break the hunger strike of Manoj Jarange Patil? This is amazing. The government had made it clear that it would not touch the OBC reservation, so what happened to the demand of the Maratha community that reservation should be given only from the OBC? Was reservation given to the Maratha community? And from where it has been given, the government should make it clear.

The OBC community does not know that the government cheated the Maratha community. By creating all the confusion, the government is trying to create discord between the Maratha and OBC communities.

In the name of reservation, the government is playing deceitful politics. There were many agitations before Manoj Jarange Patil to get reservation for the Maratha community. The Maratha community had taken out 58 marches peacefully.

Economically, socially and educationally backward communities should be given reservation, for that it is important to conduct a caste-wise census and remove the 50 percent limit of reservation.


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