Her mother’s video with Gautami goes viral! Watch the VIDEO

Gautami Patil Team Maharashtra Desha: Famous dancer Gautami Patil has reached the homes of Maharashtra. Gautami enthralls everyone with her dancing. At the same time, she always finds herself in controversy due to her dancing. However, Gautami always says that no matter how much the critics criticize, my mother is always with me. So everyone is curious to know about her mother.

Gautami Patil’s mother’s video is going viral on social media

A video of famous dancer Gautami Patil’s mother is going viral on social media. A few days ago, Gautami shared a picture with her mother on social media. After that, this video has been posted. Gautami is seen with her mother in this video.

The video of Gautami Patil’s mother, which is going viral on social media, has been posted from the Insta handle @gautamipatilkalakaar. In this video, Gautami’s fan is seen chanting Charoli for her mother. He said in this video, ‘Blessed is Mauli who gave birth to Gautami’.

Meanwhile, when Gautami Patil was born, the mother continued to suffer from her father. Finally, getting tired of her husband, Gautami’s mother took her and started staying with her uncle in Pune. Gautami was educated in Pune. Gautami’s father’s addiction to alcohol was increasing day by day. So Gautami and her mother severed ties with him forever.

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