Eat a samosa worth 1.5 thousand and get 71 thousand, the shopkeeper’s amazing offer

Viral News | Uttar Pradesh: In bazaars we always get different offers on food, clothes etc. A shopkeeper in the Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh has given a special offer to the customers. This shopkeeper has prepared Baahubali samosa weighing as much as 12 kg. The shopkeeper has announced a reward of 71 thousand rupees for those who eat this samosa.

This samosa is made at Kaushal Sweets by Shubham Kaushal in Lalkurti, Meerut (Viral News). The weight of this samosa is 12 kg. Whoever eats this samosa in 30 minutes will be given a reward of 71 thousand rupees by Shubham Kaushal. Therefore, it is being heavily discussed on social media.

It takes around 06 hours to make Baahubali Samosa

According to Shubham Kaushal, it takes around 06 hours to prepare Baahubali Samosa (Viral News). Three chefs prepare this samosa. It takes 90 minutes to fry this samosa. This samosa is made only after placing an advance order.”

“When we decided to make Baahubali Samosa (Viral News), we made only four kg samosas. Then we made eight kg samosas. Then after the demand increased, we decided to make 12 kg samosas. Ours is the biggest samosa in the country. Kaushal has also said.

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