Give separate reservations to Marathas, why are you infiltrating OBC? – Chhagan Bhujbal

Chhagan Bhujbal Mumbai. The Maratha community demanded that the Marathas be given Kunbi certificates. The government issued a notification and invited objections.

A meeting of OBC leaders was held yesterday in Mumbai. Three resolutions were passed in that meeting. Chhagan Bhujbal has reacted to it.

Chhagan Bhujbal said that a meeting of OBC leaders was held last night. Leaders who were present yesterday will be present today. What are people talking about all day long? Objections are to be registered. There will be a discussion in this regard. A public meeting will be held. It is also a work in progress. OBC Yatra is to be taken. A committee has also been appointed in that regard. Preparations are also underway regarding the route and the date.

On the question that Babanrao Taywade does not support you, Bhujbal said, “If not, then not.” We had 374 participants. We accommodated them. Now there are thousand participants. Another 20 to 25 percent infiltrated 54 percent of OBCs. We speak because we believe that 374 castes have accumulated after the end of reservation.

Are you lonely in government? | Chhagan Bhujbal

On this Bhujbal (Chhagan Bhujbal) said that I am lonely, there are crores of OBC brothers with me. Is it deliberate that crores of people are deliberately infiltrated into OBCs through backdoor? He raised this question. Minister, cabinet, government has no relation here. This is where the reservation of my OBC community ends. His fire burns in our hearts.

“No desire, tell them to fire me”

When asked whether he will stay in the government and fight or come out and fight, Bhujbal said that it should be decided by the government and my party. Let the Chief Minister decide, I am not worried about it. I do not desire any position. Chhagan Bhujbal also said that go straight and tell him to remove him.

Speaking further, Bhujbal (Chhagan Bhujbal) said that when he meets Devendra Fadnavis (Devendra Fadnavis), I will tell you how you are going to reduce the fire. I am going to tell them, don’t give them separate reservation, why are you infiltrating us. Bhujbal said that Maratha reservation has started from OBC community, then stop it.


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