BJP pressured Twitter to suppress news of farmers’ agitation

MUMBAI – Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey has made a sensational claim that the BJP government pressured Twitter to suppress the news of farmers’ agitation in the country. According to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Twitter (Twitter India) has received numerous requests from India to block Twitter handles associated with farmers’ agitation and criticism of the government.

Indian Government Threaten Us On Farmers Protest Jack Dorsey

Dorsey noted that the Indian government had put pressure on Twitter, including threats to shut down the country’s Twitter platform, raid employees’ homes, and close Twitter offices. Dorsey stressed that it is sad that this is happening in a democratic country like India.

Dorsey’s claim, made during an interview with the YouTube channel Breaking Points, has caught everyone’s attention. Although the government is yet to react to Dorsey’s allegation, several opposition Twitter accounts shared a clip of his statement on Twitter and criticized the Modi government.

‘We’ll shut you down, raid homes’: Twitter ex-CEO Jack Dorsey

During the Farmer Protest in India, there was much pressure to block the Twitter handles of journalists and other opponents who were critical of the government. Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey has made a shocking revelation that threats were made to shut down Twitter’s offices in India and raid the homes of its executives.

The entire country has seen the role taken by the central government to crush this movement that has been going on for more than a year. It is dangerous if the central government wants to take away the freedom of expression of journalists and opponents who support the movement and bring its truth to the people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) made a major announcement in November 2021 by repealing three controversial agricultural laws. The decision comes after a year-long protest by thousands of farmers who have been camping along the Delhi border since November 2020. Admitting that he had failed to take the farmers into confidence, Modi appealed to them to call off the agitation. Subsequently, these three laws were withdrawn in the winter session of Parliament.

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