BJP and Shinde group dispute! Who and where put the banners?

Devendra Fadnavis | Ulhasnagar: The dispute between BJP and Shinde group is increasing day by day. It was reported that there is a difference between the two parties over the cabinet expansion. After that, Shrikant Shinde made a statement to resign from the post of MP. In Ulhasnagar city, BJP and Shinde groups have seen a banner fight. The Shinde group had disturbed the BJP by putting up a banner in Ulhasnagar. BJP has responded to this action of the Shinde group.

Devendra Fadnavis saheb name is enough

Shiv Sena Shinde group and BJP (Devendra Fadnavis) banner war is going on in Ulhasnagar city. ’50 Where and where 105? This is the greatness of our BJP! By printing the text Devendra Fadnavis Saheb Naam Hi Kafi Hai, the BJP has dissuaded the Shinde group. At the same time, the photo of big BJP leaders has also been placed on this banner.

This (Devendra Fadnavis) banner has been put up in the market area of ​​Ulhasnagar city. Discussions have erupted in political circles after this banner battle. After this banner battle, what will be the reaction of the political circle, everyone is paying attention.

Meanwhile, BJP (Devendra Fadnavis) is preparing to expel five ministers from the Shinde group in the Shinde-Fadnavis government. These include Health Minister Tanaji Sawant, Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar, Water Supply Minister Gulabrao Patil, Rohyo and Horticulture Minister Sandipan Bhumre and Food and Drug Administration Minister Sanjay Rathod, who are the shilledars of Eknath Shinde.

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