Ajit Pawar group claim on Pune NCP party office

Ajit Pawar group's claim on Pune NCP party office

Pune NCP  – After the Election Commission of India gave the name and symbol of NCP to the Ajit Pawar group, now the competition to take over the offices has started.

Amol Mitkari from the Ajit Pawar group has expressed that once the order comes from the senior level, we will take over the NCP offices immediately.

In Pune, Prashant Jagtap of Sharad Pawar’s group has removed the clock symbol from the office in Pune. At this time Jagtap and the workers were in tears while removing the sign from the office.

Ajit Pawar VS Sharad Pawar Pune NCP

But now the Ajit Pawar group is likely to claim the pune NCP office. Therefore, there is a possibility of a dispute between the workers of Ajit Pawar group and Sharad Pawar group.


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